About West Central Pelleting Ltd.

West Central Pelleting Ltd. is a joint community venture that began in Wilkie in 1998, with our second mill opening in Wolseley in 2002. We are 100% Western Canadian owned by over 1000 shareholders.

WCP utilizes whole Grains, Oilseed & Pulse Crops as well as derivatives arising from commercial cleaning and processing including plant-based protein meals and Dried Distiller Grains. Our rations are custom formulated and can include essential vitamins, minerals and medication to meet specific requirements. WCP does not now, nor has it ever, used animal-based protein in any of its products!

All ingredients are tested upon arrival and throughout the manufacturing process to ensure nutrient quality. Our facility design and best management practices allow us to precisely blend multiple ingredients of designated origin and composition. All incoming loads are sampled and tested, including fusarium, to ensure product integrity before release. A composite sample of pellets are tested for ergot alkaloids on a semi-monthly basis. We strive to produce quality affordable products that consistently meet the customer’s requirements.

At WCP, we focus on meeting customer requirements. We can access a wide menu of quality ingredients and sophisticated formulating techniques and, as a result, WCP can cost effectively deliver the nutritional requirements individual livestock producers are seeking.

And we are flexible. Based on your feeding requirements and available forages and feedstuffs we can least-cost your feeding program, even if you are not feeding pelleted feeds. With WCP’s access to a wide array of recognized formulation specialists, we can incorporate advanced nutritional expertise into your business.

WCP’s success is entirely dependent on the financial health of our customers. Like you, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our products and services.

Working with WCP is a TEAM GAME where you make the call. We are ready, willing and now, more than ever, able to assist in your operation.


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